Monday, 31 August 2015

All Kind of thoughts..

 I love the digital papers of Iralamija ( in case you didn't know yet)  And I never throw away the little scraps and snippets I have left over from making a card or project using this papers. I just can't ... I love them to much.  Only thing is that at a certain point I have a lot of little bits and pieces . These are great for using fun little shabby projects like this little tin with mini album in it. 
For this one I used a tiny peppermint tin it's 2 3/8 inch by 1,5 inch and you can by it at the xenos.. of course you can use an altoidtin as well

The first thing you do is sand it sandpaper , I used the 120 one , than you paint it with an al-purpose primer. I used  Aleene's ( see picture) .
Let it dry thoroughly and than  paint it in your favorite color acrlylicpaint  ( I used ivory from Aleene's) After you let that dry, you can sand it a little to get it a worn look and than you can decorate it with your favorite papers , I used tombow mono multy liquid glue to stick it on the tin, in my opinoin it's better than tacky glue what I use a lot too.
Than you make some little chipboard pages that fit in your tin,decorate with the basis layer ,them and distress the edges
I love my prima distressing tool for this job, I have an oldie from making memories too but that works only on papers.  The one from primamarketing works perfect with thicker objects like chipboard .
As you might have noticed. I like to add a little shimmer to my embellies and frames.
I am a but clumsy if I work with glitter you can find it allover the house and it sticks to my fingers to be short : it's every where besides where I want it. But i found the perfect solution for that . I use a mixture of fine glitter like the sugar coating from Doodlebug and clear embossing powder. I use 1/3 clear embossing powder and 2/3 glitter.
First I color or paint my to glitter object in the color I want it , than I cover it with, in this case versamark watermark ink.. the Perfect medium from Ranger works great too . Actually I prefer that one but it was empty so I used his one it did the job perfectly.
Than dip your to glitter item face down in your mixture , add a little pressure . get it out and heat it with your embossing tool.. taaadaaaa.. a perfect glittered.
I used to make  my mixture in a little bottle, and than pour it over the object using  a tidy tray ( see tutorials)  but found it works better to make the mixture in a container and dip the object in the mixture..less mess.

Tie everything together with I little binding ring or piece of lace, ribbon, string..what ever you want. Or maybe keep them apart like cards and put it in your decorated tin.

I'm not really shure what papers I did use for this project but these are the ones I know for shure.
They are all available at the Iramalija etsy shop. Some of them I printed in a smaller size , and that's just what I like about digital papers : you can print them when ever you want, how you want and how much you want.



*Beatriz Jennings* said...

OMG!!!! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE This project Lenet! Thank you so much for sharing!!!! <3

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Ohhh wat een lief blikje! Heel gaaf!

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Absolutely adorable!
Thanks for sharing!
Have a nice Septemper!

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Supermooi geworden!

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Very pretty! Thank you for sharing!

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Wonderful project!

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Precioso proyecto!!