Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sending oodles of love and hugs..

So I had a great day today spending most of my day in my craft room and actually do som crafting too ! I took out my box of waltzing mouse stamps and made it a waltzing mouse sunday. 
This card was made using this weeks sketchchallenge of freshly made sketches . I just loved the sketch and think I will join them more often now I got my mojo back again. Sketches are always fun to work with , the just give yu that little kick off to start creating you need sometimes.
I found so much fun challenges so I decided to combine some today..normally I don't do that, I think each challenge deserves it's own project but this just came along the I also enter this card to the Curtain Call challengeblog wich has the theme  smootches  and the Waltzingmouse Fanatics challenge Blog  because I used two differend sets of waltzingmouse stamps.


Heard you needed a lift..

I have been playing with my waltzing mouse stamps today , it's been too long . 
It always has been my favorite brand of stamps and still is. I really have to catch up with them there ar so many great new stamps and dies , didn't buy much after beeing a michief maker at the waltzingmouse challengeblog, the blog stopped and I didn''t do much crafting any more as well life kept me busy with other things...But I'm back now and this card  is made with an oldy  half pint heroins the girl version of half pint hero's wich I used for my card with the doodles bug for the pyamaparty of waltzingmouse .
This card is made for the challenge of the Waltzingmouse fanatics challengeblog..a challenge blog especially for those who love waltzingmouse stamps.. I know a lot of you  own at least one set of waltzingmouse stamps so it would be fun if you join me at the challenge too..lets see what you can create for this bi weekly challenge. The theme is anything goes ..easy peasy do what ever you like as long as you use a waltzing mouse stamp.


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Friends always..


Happy Card making day!! Hope you had or have a beautiful day filled with crafting and making cards. And of course happy Animalday to all the animals and pets .. hope they got spoiled rotten today. My two cats got a new toy and some fresh cooked fish..and lots of cudling and petting.. 
Oke back to card making . Today I made this one for the Cardabilities scketch #108 I used papers of Iralamijashop and sentimentstamp from waltzingmouse 


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Making my own stencils aka masks

As you might have noticed I found my way into the artjournalling and mixed media. One of the  things you use for this is a mask or stencil . There are a lot of differend ones from a lot of differend brands. Hard to choose from and if you want t build a nice collection of them it will cost you a lot of money. I thought this can be done cheaper and I am the very lucky owner of a silhouette cameo , so why not cut my own masks right? So I tried cutting them from pagediveders but didn't really like the results , it was not sturdy enough. So now used laminate pouches wich I had run through the laminating machiene..the laminator..and the stencils turn out awsome! the picture shows just a few of the ones I cut out this afternoon..they are nice and sturdy and just as thick as the stencils that you buy in the shop. whoo hoo the laminatepouches I use are very cheap only a few euro's at the Action ( kind of dollarstore ) and the cameo settings I use are knife 9, speed 1 and thickness / pressure33. I won't be able to use this knife for cutting paper again but who cares! I got some great stencils now..

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

You never know ...

I just loooooovveee my gelato's this one is made with the inspiration of week 4 of the gelato workshop from Scrapdelight .. the flinginggirl is made with a stamp from Suzi Blu I soo love her art  been admiring her for years now ..hopefully I will be as good as she is one time

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Life's what you make it..

Thirth part of the gelato workshop from my gelato's more and more
Life's what you make it..great song by Talk Talk and I tink it's very true too.
Your life is all what you do with the things that happen to you .. you can keep moaning and groaning about the bad things that happend to you , or take it as it is , learn your lesson from it and go on with your life. Keep looking forwarth and leave the past in the past.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


A card with no title. they always might become handy, because you can use it for any ocasion. I made this card for the Lift Challengeblog  I just finished it in time I think.
Papers are from Iralamija..

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Why fit in ?

Something totally else compared to my blogposts of yesterday. 
Mixed media/Artjournalling. I love messing around with all those medium and get dirty fingers. Its justgo on and do what youlike . There is no wrong and no right ..
I made this one with week 2 of the workshop 6 weeks of gelato from Scrapdelight doing  doing this workshop so far .. ik gives me tons of inspiration and more important it actually puts me to work..

Monday, September 15, 2014

Autumn Bliss

Hello we have another fun challenge of i over at the Tea Room!  This week our challenge is called 'Autumn Bliss'!  Please create a card/project inspired bij the picture at the challengeblog and add a pumkin. We have two sponsors this time Bugaboo Stamps and Digital Papers by Janet Etsy! I used Bugaboo Stamps: pumpkin crow
Digital Papers by Janet Etsy: Halloween tickets 
I have been very busy this weekend so ,have a lot of blogposts for you today..If you scroll down you will see the other four ..
Thanks for visiting me..

Bedtime story sketch..


WaltzingMouse stamps is having a Pajama party  !! FUN !! Haven't been using my stamps for a long time..well haven't been crafting much for a long time ..waaaaay to long. My mojo is tickling and bubling again and loads of things in need/ want to make again. One of them is playing along with challenges again . Always loved to do that .
So now I'm playing along with the pajamaparty . Four challenges to make, you can scroll down to see the other three challenges and what I made for them.
This card is made with the bedtime sketch . I used the Vintage Labels No.18 and the Compact sentiments Part two ...