Friday, 12 March 2021

Loaded Giftbag

A few weeks ago I played along with the Loadedbag valentines challenge from Kimya. 

I loved it so much I think I will do this more often , It's a very nice way to make a big gift out of little gifts.

I used the Miles Apart collection from Maja Design together with a kit from Kimya . This kit contained the basic things paperbags, envelops and tags and such..

Designpaper ,embellisments ,everything else you have to provide for your self.   I really loved it and want to show the outcome of my project to you.


This is the front of the bag loaded with fun things.

and this is the back.

In the bag you find these two decorative items just for fun:  a lollyop made with a big rosette and a altered popsicle stick .with a little rosette. 

A decorated giftbag with an altered spool and a little bagholder made from two  manilla labels.


A little pocketletter containing a small envelope for maybe a message or giftcard, shakerpocket and pocket with label.

Two little brown bags with tea and powder chocolate milk, and a bigger shakerpocket made of a glassline bag because shakers are fun.

The stamps I used are from Waltzing Mouse.

And a minialbum made with 3 little craft envelopes.



Each envelope contains a little card with photomat on the back and front.

I hope you like this project just as much as I do. It was so much fun to make. I know I will make  some more it's just a perfect gift to give for some one who already has everything.

 Thank you for visiting and stay safe.  



Tuesday, 10 November 2020


This time I have this layout for you, one I made it a little while ago but didn't post it on my blog yet.
I made this one with the wonderful  collection of MajaDesign called Far Away.
I really love this collection , is so soft and shabby.

I did  a lot of fuzzy cutting as you can see on this close up ,and finally used some old pearly swirls. I had laying around for ages.


Thank you for visiting , Stay Safe and  hope to see you back.

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Friday, 6 November 2020

Just a note

Hello ,

Today I bring you this card made with the Sofiero collection from MajaDesign, 

One of my favorite collections,I think for most of my followers it's clear why .

I love pastels and and shabby chic.

for this card I also dusted my sewingmachine and used it to make the stitches. It's neen a very long time ago sinds I did that. I don't know why because I love the look of it.

Overall I love ohw this one turned out, hope you you do to.

Al little close up of the centerpiece, with some pearlswirls I haven"t been using in ages.

Guess this is somekind of renewal card. reusing an old techniqueand old embellies.

Thank you for visiting , Stay Safe and  hope to see you back.

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Monday, 12 October 2020

Christmas Giftpocket.


I'm up at the Maja Design Blog with this Christmas Gift Pocket.

It can be used for small gifts, or giftcards things like that.

I have gamer kids and I always give them a  game card for their , playstation , xbox, steam ,World of Warcraft something like that.

I think this pocket is a nice way to wrap it.


I know Christmas is about 2 months away and we have Halloween first , but time is passing by so fast and before you know it, it’s  December  already.

So I made this gift pocket using the Christmas Seasons collection.

The little elves I cut out of the Tidy elves sheet, They are so cute , don’t you think so?

The sentiment is a piece  from the bottom strip of the Best time of year sheet.



At the back I made this string-closure and attached two little bells at the end of the string.

The Been Good? sentiment is stamped with a stamp from Waltzing Mouse still ,my favorite stamps.


This is the pocket open. I used my pocket punch board from WeR memorie makers for this Gift pocket.

Thank you for visiting , I hope you like my giftpocket.

Stay safe and healthy, hope to see you back the next time.



Friday, 18 September 2020

Romantic Layered Card.


today I bring you this romantic card with lot's of layers and fussy cuts tucked between them.

I never heard of fussy cuts  until  Amy called them like that.  So those little things  you cut out with a little scissor are fussy cuts. Love it.




For this card I used the Celebration 15x15 paperpad the fussy cuts are cut out of Engagement  from the Vintage romance collection.

Here a close up of the fussy cuts



 And one close up of the fussy cuts tucked between the layers  to give it some depth.

I love to use layers on a card . I use foamtape between them to stick the layers together.


 And a close up of the left uppercorner  with the fuzzy cuts.


 Thank you very much for visiting, hope to see you back soon. 

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Thursday, 17 September 2020

Baby card.

Hello ,
 Today I bring you this babycard  I made with  the collection Denim and Girl from Maja Design.
It's not a baby line but becasue of it's beautiful pastel colors perfect to use so.

Here a little close up of the bow with baby charms.  

Thank you for visiting, I f you leave a comment I will come over to visit your blog too.

Wednesday, 5 August 2020


Only 5 days to go before the release of the new Collection of Maja Design!!!  As a Maja Girl I alrady have it in my possesion and I can tell you it's absolutely gorgeous!!!.
So keep an eye on your craft store It's comming soon!!

Sunday, 2 August 2020

A day to celebrate.

Hello here I am, back with another card I made but didn't show you.
I was surprised when I opened Blogger to make my post. A compleet differend look and  setup.
I think I  like it. it looks very fresh and clean. Have no idea  how to use all the bottons yet or what they are for , but I will find out.
On to the card now.
I made this one with the Jeans and girls collection of Maja design. A another very nice collection that I love.
My Layout Mojo has been gone lately , so I have been making  cards instead. and this is one  of them.


Here I have a little close up for you.


      Thank you for visiting, Stay safe,  hope you like my card and will  be back soon


Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Just a note

 Hello here I  am again with this card. It's made with the amazing new collection of Maja Design wich will be released at august the 10Th.
I really, really  ,really  love this collection. It's a bit like the sofiero collection.
Nice soft colors and a great shabby chic feel to it . And As you know I looove shabby chic


Here I have a close up for you from the centerpiece of the card. As you can see I used lots of shabby chic elements, roses ribbon lace pearls, all of it.

As I said earlier I necklected  my blog , didn't had much inspiration but did make some tings that I didn't show you yet.  I will post those soon on my blog so hope you come back for a visit.

For now thank you for visiting hope you like my card and will  be back soon

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

New collection rom Maja Design !!

I hope you and your loved ones are all safe.
 I know I have been absent for a while , but my scrap mojo was far gone.Maybe because of this stupid virus and the world going Crazy  , I don't know. 
But it looks like I'm kind of back on my feet again so will try to make a post more often too.
Here is one thing I really need to show you!!
The new collection of Maja Design. It will be released on augudt the 10th. As one of the Maja girls I already have it and I can tell you it's amazing!! I love it so much. I love the shabby patterns and colors. this really bought my mojo back, so very soon you will see some projects made with this wonderfull collection. I know most of you will love it as much as I do so keep an eye on your favorite craftshop.

Thank you for visiting,I will be back soon.
 Stay Safe