Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Week cards

The result  of a day playing with my silhoutte  a rainbow of collors with 52 week cards ready to alter for my project life.  Yes.. I'm going to give it a second change. Never finished the one from last year but this year I will. Difference this time is I start at the beginning of the new year so hope it'will be easier to keep it up till the end..
Mean while I'm still working on my december daily too so I'm busy busy busy in my craftroom again and I love it.. Now I want a bigger room so I have space to leave my DD and my PL and don't have to clean up everything when I want to work on something else.. especiallly a seperate place or spot to leave my PL would be very nice. Well maybe if I win the lottery..meanwile I keep dreaming of a big craftroom.
The cutting file for these cards can be found in the silhouettestore.

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Céline said...

Moet eerlijk bekennen is heel lang terug dat ik op je blog ben geweest, schaam, schaam. Heb een stuk terug zitten kijken en een hoop gemist. Je bent in ieder geval lekker druk geweest! Je kaartjes zien er hartstikke leuk uit!!