Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Why fit in ?

Something totally else compared to my blogposts of yesterday. 
Mixed media/Artjournalling. I love messing around with all those medium and get dirty fingers. Its justgo on and do what youlike . There is no wrong and no right ..
I made this one with week 2 of the workshop 6 weeks of gelato from Scrapdelight ..love doing  doing this workshop so far .. ik gives me tons of inspiration and more important it actually puts me to work..


Deborah Frings said...

Great image, fabulous colours and I love the sentiment!

Kitty said...


Erica ♥ said...

Wat apart en gaaf zeg ☺
Gezellige en fijne (knutsel) dagen ☼
Liefs van Erica

Rieni said...

hij is gaaf geworden en ik zie dat het gelukt is met de stempels, wat zijn ze leuk hé