Thursday, 2 October 2014

Making my own stencils aka masks

As you might have noticed I found my way into the artjournalling and mixed media. One of the  things you use for this is a mask or stencil . There are a lot of differend ones from a lot of differend brands. Hard to choose from and if you want t build a nice collection of them it will cost you a lot of money. I thought this can be done cheaper and I am the very lucky owner of a silhouette cameo , so why not cut my own masks right? So I tried cutting them from pagediveders but didn't really like the results , it was not sturdy enough. So now used laminate pouches wich I had run through the laminating machiene..the laminator..and the stencils turn out awsome! the picture shows just a few of the ones I cut out this afternoon..they are nice and sturdy and just as thick as the stencils that you buy in the shop. whoo hoo the laminatepouches I use are very cheap only a few euro's at the Action ( kind of dollarstore ) and the cameo settings I use are knife 9, speed 1 and thickness / pressure33. I won't be able to use this knife for cutting paper again but who cares! I got some great stencils now..


Crea S said...

Superleuk idee! En inderdaad waarschijnlijk een stuk goedkoper dan steeds maar weer een stencil kopen. Waarschijnlijk kun je dit ook met een pons of mal maken en heb je niet eens een sil nodig. Liefs,

Tamara said...

ze zijn gaaf geworden Lenet en bedankt dat je de snij instellingen erbij hebt gezet.

Petra Lenderest said...

goed bezig meis

Cinderella said...

Wow that`s great love them all
Have fun using them

Marjolijn van Elsberg said...

Echt gaaf, ik ga het ook weer eens proberen, heb weliswaar een cricut maar genoeg leuke patronen. Haal je de lamineervellen eerst door het lamineerapparaat en heb je koude of warme lamineervellen? super Lenet!

Gez Butterworth said...

Wow! Incredible :))

Fabulous idea!