Saturday, 12 July 2014

My very own kikki.k planner !!

 Look what my mailman/girl brought me today !!  My very own kikki.k planner yaaaaaay!
It came in this beautiful pink and red box.
It's a beautiful raspberrie red one made from nice soft leather.

  This is the inside , lots of space to write, scribble and store all the kawaii sticker I'm going to use .And lots of tabs for the differend subjects..
 So what's with this planner ?  A little while ago  i saw Susi Blu  showing of her Kikki.k planner , she has a gorgeous light bleu one.  This is what I need I thought  a great , fun way to organize you r daily life..And belief me I need organizing I'm a very chaotic, look a squirrel, type of human. 
Anyway...I found out it is called filofaxing..why filofaxing?  Because the most common planner filofaxers use is one from filofax..they have great inserts and differend sizes and lots of looks to choose from. 
I decided to go for a filofax because the kikki.k planners are expensive and when you go to e-bay you can find  a filofax for a very nice price.  
So I bought a pocket size duck egg color filofax..I love my little filofax but it's to small to do with it what I want to do , so I decided to spoil myself bigtime and ordered my own kikki.k planner and this one is an A5 size so much more room to be a creative planner... so started in that one and keep it home and take my little filofax with me in my bag..and probably will start decorating that one too..
And now what is filofaxing..? Remember back in school when you had a schoolplanner/agenda  to write down your homework ? what you lessons you had to make when you had a test or quiz? I think most of us wrote a lot more down in it and glued pics. of popstars and actors in it or wrote silly stories , at the end of the school semester it bursting out of it's cover, because of all the stuff we put in it.. 
filofaxing is about the same thing.. writing down appointments , stuff you need to remeber , favorite recepie what ever you like and you decorate it with washitape , cute stickers .stamps , doodles what ever you like...
And yes it looks a little like smashbooking only this is with organizing..

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