Sunday, 13 July 2014

Sticky war..

Why is it that sticky tape  stick to everything but the place where it needs to stick?
I'm always in a fight with stickytape  and somethimes I even declare war to it and start calling it names or tell it it will never stick again anywhere if it doesn't go where I want it to go. It doesn't matter what kind of tape I use , washitape , regular scotch tape in differend sizes , doublesided. I hardly ever does what I want it to do without any struggle. Eventually it gets where it needs to go but never without a fight.....Is this just me?
Anyway ... I have been playing with washitapes, making pages for my * Note to self * section in my Kikki.k planner.  
Those pens are awsome  by the way !!  they are from Pilot and called  frictionball. On one tip of the pen ( the grey tip) sits an eraser that really erases your writing /drawing with out damaging your paper !!  Cool huh ? they come in verious colors and i bought them at my local bookstore. I got the four colors from the picture and a pink and dark bleu one..
Here is a link to a video that shows the pens..the ones in the video are a little differend than the ones I use but the results are the same .

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